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Gallant & Amos – Issue 1

£ 1.50£ 3.00

‘Gallant and Amos’ is a comic about Two guys travelling around a medieval world and stumbling into crazy adventures and events. Oh! and did we mention one is a Knight and the other a Dragon?

Gallant and Amos – Issue 2

£ 1.50£ 3.00

The Quest Part 1: After sampling the finest fast food at Mac Dermals, Gallant and Amos are recruited by a mysterious stranger. How will our Knight and Dragon duo fare as they embark on a quest to vanquish an evil threatening the Realm?


Gallant and Amos – Issue 3

£ 1.50£ 2.50

The Quest Part 2: The action is heating up as Gallant and Amos cross The Great Desert.


Gallant And Amos (Bundle)

£ 9.00 £ 7.50

Catch up with every released issue of Gallant and Amos with this awesome Viking bundle.


Little Heroes Comics Anthology 1

£ 1.50

12 Short stories all based on the theme of strength.

Little Heroes Comics Anthology 2

£ 1.50£ 3.00

Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 1

£ 1.50£ 3.00

Issue 1 – As Megatomic Battle Rabbit explores the green and blue mud ball planet his ship has helpfully stranded him on, two primitive human creatures, science fiction fan Dexter and his friend Henry, investigate a mysterious blue light that fell from the sky


Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Subscription

£ 12.00 £ 9.60

Subscribe to all 4 issues of Megatomic Battle Rabbit and save 20% off the full price. Coming October 2018