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Starting as a online webcomic, Gallant and Amos became the first ongoing series produced by us at Fair Spark Books. To celebrate their success, Gallant and Amos are back with this collection of their first adventures!

Meet Gallant and Amos, two friends travelling across a medieval world and stumbling into incredible adventures! Oh, and did we mention, one is a knight and the other a dragon?

In this 116 page book, collating their first year of published adventures, the duo faces off against a sentient snowman, then find themselves recruited by Manda, one of the King’s cartographers. Embarking on a quest to vanquish the great evil on the Isle of Bor, our heroes must overcome testing traps, mighty monsters, and Amos’ insatiable appetite!

Inside The Collection

  • Issue 1
  • Issue 2
  • Issue 3
  • Issue 4
  • Gallant & Amos’ Debut in Little Heroes Anthology 2
  • A sneak peek into Rob Barnes’ Sketchbook

ISBN : 978-1-9164886-4-9

Price: £14.99

Pages : 116

Rob Barnes

Rob Barnes is the creator/ artist of the comic book Gallant and Amos. He’s been writing and drawing comics and comic strips since he was very young, filling up notebooks and drawing pads with fantasy, adventure and comedy.
Rob likes to tell stories that all ages can read and enjoy. He tends to make stories with adventure in them, but are also humorous. In his stories, the characters act and think like everyday people, but are involved in out of the ordinary or hilarious situations.
Rob’s other works include over 200 episodes of the Around the Block comic strip, and he is the artist of the one panel comic Boxed In. Rob was also the winning artist of the Big Nate comic strip contest.
You can find him on Facebook at Argh Comics, on Twitter @Barnz63 and on the web at arghcomics.com.

Buying The Book

The book is available for purchase via the following locations:

Fair Spark Books Online Store. 

Amazon UK

Waterstones UK

About Fair Spark Books

Fair Spark Books was founded in 2018 by Aaron Rackley as a sister publishing house to the UK charity Little Heroes Comics.

Fair Spark Books specialises in comics and books aimed at an all-ages family-friendly audience.

Stay tuned. More great comics and books are coming from Fair Spark Books!

For more information regarding Fair Spark Books, be sure to check out their website www.fairsparkbooks.co.uk

You can also reach them on social media:

Facebook: @fairsparkbooks

Twitter: @fairsparkbooks

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