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Congratulations! You have stumbled upon Fair Spark Books’ first ever guide to top all-ages books! If you know us, you know that we publish a wide range of family-friendly comics and books. Our inspiration comes not only from our all-star team of creators but also the titles stocked and shelved at your local bookshop. As a teacher, I read countless books to my class of primary school children and so, in this new feature, I share with you my top recommendations.

The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside (W) and Frank Rodgers (A).

Hodder Children’s Books.

Follow the footsteps of a little girl, who like many of us, is a worrier. Not only does she worry about problems that are exclusively her own but she also worries about problems that are the world’s. From when she is swimming to when she is watching the television, the little girl just cannot break free from her stress. As the artist cleverly shows, her ‘worry bag’ becomes larger and larger with the turn of each page until finally the little girl can carry it no further. This is when she meets a kind old lady who helps her to sort her worries into problems that are hers and problems that are not. Taking comfort in having talked the worries through, they no longer seem as scary as they were once before and so the little girl throws her worry bag away, vowing to always share what is on her mind.

The Huge Bag of Worries is the perfect book for supporting your little ones with their worries, whether the problems are small or big. Use it to create an open dialogue with your child about anything that they are finding difficult. I always make sure to read this book to my class before the holidays, allowing the children to leave the classroom ready for a relaxing rest having had the opportunity to speak about what is on their mind.

Buy On Amazon £4.99 > https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huge-Bag-Worries-Virginia-Ironside/dp/0340903171/

Millie’s Marvellous Hat by Satoshi Kitamura 

Anderson Press.

Millie is imagination personified in our next truly marvellous book. The story starts in a boutique that sells exquisite hats. However, nothing that can be bought is as exquisite as the hats that Millie is inspired to imagine after her visit to the store. As she wonders through the city, Millie finds herself dreaming and believing that her imaginary hat is as majestic as a peacock and as tastily-delightful as a fourteen tier cake. Passing pedestrians, Millie can also envision the hats that they wear, each uniquely different.

This picture book is the perfect way to inspire your young-reader’s imagination whilst also touching upon the life-affirming lesson that every person in this world is unique and special in their own way. Take it to the next level by using the book to craft your very own marvellous hat!

Buy On Amazon £6.99 > https://www.amazon.co.uk/Millies-Marvellous-Hat-Satoshi-Kitamura/dp/1842709488/

Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles by Alice Rex and Angela Perrini. 

New Frontier Publishing.

You’ve read the Spectacular Spider-Man, now feast upon Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles! From my days at school, I remember the times when I had accidentally left my glasses at home which meant that I had to strain my eyes in order to try and make out whatever was on the board in front of me. Now, imagine that struggle daily.

In this book, Ava hates to wear her glasses, much like my Great-Grandma who repeatedly through her lenses under a bus. Luckily, Ava’s teacher is quick to catch on to this and so tells her the stories of well-known fairy-tale characters with a twist. She explains that if Little Red Riding Hood wore her glasses she would have spotted that the wolf was not her grandmother and that if Humpty Dumpty wore his then he might have not fallen from a wall. With all of these well-argued points in mind, Ava grows in confidence and finally wears her glasses.

An unmissable story for your little readers!

Buy On Amazon £6.78 > https://www.amazon.co.uk/Avas-Spectacular-Spectacles-Alice-Rex/dp/1912076799

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