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The comic books that I have in my classroom and the titles that I have grow up reading and enjoying myself. Behold our list of all-ages comic books that we at Fair Spark Books highly recommend!

Mini Marvels the Complete Collection by Chris Giarrusso, Sean McKeever, Marc Sumerak, Paul Tobin and Audrey Loeb.

Published by Marvel Comics.

Not only is Chris Giarrusso one of the nicest creators in comics but his Mini Marvels is the perfect introduction to the Marvel Universe for your little ones (or even yourself!)

Within the complete collection, major events such as PLANET HULK, SECRET INVASION and CIVIL WAR play out in the most original and wonderful ways. However, my absolute favourite of the tales will always be PAPERBOY BLUES. Follow the adventures of the Daily Bugle’s paperboys, Spider-Man and Venom, as they compete for the best routes and attempt to deliver to the Green Goblin’s family home.

As you read through the comic book strips, be sure to search for the hilarious quiet moments Giarrusso includes such as the fact Daredevil is never quite facing in the right direction.

After being totally absorbed in all the fun of Mini Marvels you will be craving more of Giarrusso’s brilliance so be sure to check out G-MAN (Image Comics) and the recently released ENCOUNTER (Lion Forge).

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane by Sean McKeever, Takeshi Miyazawa and David Hahn.

With the release of Marvel Studio’s latest blockbuster hit SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME, it is the perfect time to invest in the relationship between Peter Parker and MJ.

Like Marvel Rising, in an attempt to reach the next generation of readers, Marvel has began to publish a delightful series of Middle Grade graphic novels. Fair Spark Books is here to say that Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is an unmissable book in this collection.

Collecting MARY JANE #1-4, MARY JANE HOMECOMING #1-4 and SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE #1-3, join Mary Jane Watson in class at Midtown High or the Coffee Bean  and ride the roller-coaster that is high school made even more complicated by a crush on a certain web-slinger…

Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. 

Published by DC Comics.

Bless your youngest readers with the Eisner Award winning adventures of the Tiny Titans. Find the team hanging out at the Tree House or studying hard at Sidekick City Elementary with substitute teacher Mr Trigon and Principle Slade.

We recommend Tiny Titans for your youngest readers as the stories are short, sweet and packed full of fun! Plus you really do not want to miss out on the first appearance of Bat-Cow in #17 (soon to be in the DC SUPER HERO PETS movie!)

With 50 comics and a six-issue miniseries there are multiple collections to choose from. In DC Comics’ upcoming line of all-ages comics, be sure to look out for ARKHAMANIACS!


Wrapped Up by Dave Scheidt and Scoot McMahon. 

Published by Lion Forge.

I am lucky enough to have met both Dave and Scoot at C2E2, Chicago. This is where I picked up Wrapped Up Volume One and entered the magical and monstrous world of Milo the Mummy, with all of its wizards and witches.

In ‘Night of the Creepy Kewpie’, although Milo is only twelve-years-old, he attracts the unwanted affections of a haunted baby doll who has selected him as “Da-Da”. In every effort to escape fatherhood, Milo flees only to be chased, making Wrapped Up to be one of the most hilarious comic books I have read in recent times.

Wrapped Up is soon to possibly be an animated series!

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