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Behind The Curtain Ep5. Why start a YouTube channel?

Today we take a look behind the curtain of the comic industry and ask a few creators why they started a youtube channel.

Behind The Curtain #4 – So you do a podcast about comics, who doesn’t

In today’s episode we talk with 4 amazing people from 3 comic podcasts.
==================== Find Our Guests ====================
Vince Hunt – Awesome Comics Podcast
https://awesomecomics.podbean.com/ https://twitter.com/jesterdiablo
Tom – That Comic Smell soundcloud.com/thatcomicsmell
Ian & Nikki – Comic Art Festival Podcast
https://twitter.com/ComicArtFestPod comicartpodcast.uk

Behind The Curtain #3 – What Makes A Webcomic

Join us during our 3D live stream where we talk with Dan Butcher, Tom Sparke and Matt Simmons about their experience of making web comics.

27th February 2019
@ 7:30pm

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Behind The Curtain #2 – What Does A Con Mean To You?

Join us as we talk with Steven Tanner, Nick Prolix, Matt Garvey about what is the motives behind going to Comic Convention as a punter and to have a table. Are you new to comic conventions and looking for advice on what you need or how to start, we have you covered.

Watch the recording here or listen to the audio only here

Behind The Curtain #1 – How To Kick A Kickstarter Into Touch.

Hang out with Fair Spark Books Founder Aaron Rackley & Comic Creators Samuel George London, Dave Cook and Sarah Milman as they talk about their Kickstarter experiences and aim to help you with what you should do when doing your next campaign

Watch the recording here or listen to the audio only here