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What is codename : SPARK?

For the past few months, our founder, Aaron Rackley, has been working alongside some amazing creators to breathe life into a new magazine aimed at the 9 – 13 yr old range. The magazine has not yet been given a name, so is currently known as codename : SPARK, and will be monthly A4 magazine filled with a variety of comics created by a variety of creators all set in the same universe.

Concept Art.

We have been working tirelessly with our project concept artist Dan Harris  – creator of comics Lou Scannon, Druid Investigations and The Cosplayer that DOOMED the Earth. Dan is also illustrator & animator on the BAFTA-winning show Prosiect Z! to bring our universe to life.

Aaron Rackley is the writer of the first stories that will feature in Issue 1 and has created a whole wiki of information about the species and the universe history that the new magazine will feature in. Dan has been working alongside this information and he has created the amazing concept art below which shows the amazing six species and one of the battleships.

Who is on the team so far?

Below is the team we have on board to create this project so far. We are still looking for two more artists for Issue 1. Reach out via contact@fairsparkbooks.co.uk with your portfolio.

Aaron Rackley
Writer / Letterer

Tony Esmond

Dan Harris
Concept Artist / Artist

Mike Dabrowski

What stage is the project at?

Work has started on the first two stories to feature in Issue 1; we have one story that follows the last battle of a ship and the other is about the adventures of a new crew going on their first rescue mission.

Below are some previews of the amazing artwork we have all ready for you to feast your eyes over.

A Panel by Dan Harris

A Panel by Mike Dabrowski

I Need To Know More!

Well, we have some great news for you! As we ramp up production of this magazine we want to introduce the universe to you via a series of blog posts on this site. If you would like to get notified whenever a blog post is released about this project than join the mailing list below.

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