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If you are just joining us make sure to catch up with what is Codename: Spark on our previous post here

Thank you for once again stopping by the blog as we bring you another update on Codename: Spark and even more teasers of what is to come from this new, monthly, all-ages magazine.

The Logo & Name

After long conversations and quite a bit of back and forth, we have finally decided on the name for this magazine: The Spark. The Spark encompasses our brand of sparking the imagination and creativity inside all of our readers no matter their age. The magazine will introduce you to a never before seen universe made up of exciting adventures, and weird new species. You may even recognise some of your favourite characters from previous Fair Spark Books comics.

With the final name chosen we have put together the following logo. What do you think?! Would you pick up a magazine from the stand that had this on the cover?

Cover Is A Go!

We are super excited to announce that we have just brought on board the incredibly talented Nick Brokenshire to create our first cover.

Nick is a comic book artist from Aberdeen, Scotland who now lives in the North of England. He is a writer/artist for IDW’s STAR WARS ADVENTURES, including stories that feature IG-88 and MAX  REBO . Nick is also co-creator/artist/colourist of THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN (Dark Horse) and has  worked on stories and covers for 2000AD, JUDGE DREDD (IDW) and ROBOTECH (Titan). This year he will finish drawing a 200 page graphic novel called ‘She’s Not There’, written by Ellis Bojar. Then he will sleep.

Third Story

We have just finished a great conversation with creator of Gallant & Amos, Rob Barnes, who will once again be bringing the duo back into space. This time the duo accidently find themselves in a UUA Training Center which tests whether recruits have what it takes to be a UUA Member.

You may recall that this isn’t the duo’s first time in space! Curious? You can read all about their adventure in Gallant & Amos Issue 1, available in our store now. Click here 

So, with two more names on board and one more story added to the first issue, the magazine is shaping up nicely. What do you think of the line up so far? Is there anything you would want to see from a new all-ages magazine? We would love to hear your comments so please leave your feedback below.

I Need To Know More!

Well, we have some great news for you! As we ramp up production of this magazine we want to introduce the universe to you via a series of blog posts on this site. If you would like to get notified whenever a blog post is released about this project than join the mailing list below.


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