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Samuel George London & Rosie Alexander Launch A Kickstarter For Their Colourful Space Adventure Comic, SAFFRON: Spacetime Academy Adventures

Comic book writer, Samuel George London has always been fascinated by astrophysics and in 2017, he became a parent for the first time with his now almost 2-year old daughter. With that in mind, he wanted to create a fun sci-fi comic that his daughter could enjoy when she’s older, that contains some awesome facts and theories about the universe. And so, SAFFRON: Spacetime Academy Adventures was born.
Whilst on holiday, Saffron Sizemore falls through a wormhole and suddenly appears at the Spacetime Academy For Fundamental Representatives Of NEXUS or completely coincidentally, SAFFRON for short.

Once at SAFFRON the academy, Saffron the girl manages to enlist herself into the academy and as well as training to become a spacetime officer, she tries to find her way back home but no one knows where, or even when Earth is.

SAFFRON is drawn by the brilliant artist, Rosie Alexander. Born in the 90’s, Rosie grew up a traditional artist with a deep love of art history, cinema, and storytelling. Rosie quickly went on to have an insatiable appetite for modern technologies and comics. Her work is bright, incandescent and often flirts with the idea of saying something more.

This first issue is 24 pages and is 1 of a 4 issue arc, with the intention of making it an on-going series. If you like the idea of a colourful space adventure comic then SAFFRON: Spacetime Academy Adventures is for you. Find out more and support the Kickstarter here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fairsparkbooks/saffron-spacetime-academy-adventures-1

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