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Leaf is the newest picture book from the creator of Anxiety Me, featuring the illustrated story of a fox battling against the wind as he tries to catch a leaf to play with, meeting a new friend along the way.

Told using only watercolour paints, Leaf is a beautifully simplistic story which will captivate both children and adults with its heart-warming and nostalgic narrative.

Nicole Bates

Mum of two, Nicole, is an artist, illustrator and writer. Living in the quaint town of Kendal, Cumbria, she also co-hosts the Comic Art Festival podcast with partner Ian Loxam. After interviewing a number of creators Nicole wanted to give the process a go and started painting, creating her first comic picture book, Anxiety Me – a touching and emotive story designed to empathise with those living with anxiety.

ISBN : 978-1-9164886-9-4

Price: £3.99
Pre-order Price: £3.00

Pages : 24

Size: A5

In Leaf, Nicole saw the story play through her mind like an animation, and uses watercolours to give the illustrations movement. She was eager to let the pictures talk and the readers’ imagination give the characters their words, making each story truly that of the readers.

“You don’t need to be able to read to see the story, and this makes my comics available to everyone, and that’s so important to me”.

Buying The Book

The book is available for purchase via the following locations:

Fair Spark Books Online Store. – Get a great Pre-order price of only £3.00 via our online store.

Waterstones UK

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