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With our latest book ‘How To Make Comics With Springworth’ hitting Kickstarter (view here), we asked each of the creative team to ask each other questions. Below are the questions asked of Andy Hanks (Artist) by Tony Esmond (Writer). You can read Tony’s answers here.

Who are your artistic influences? And why?

I have lots of artists I follow and admire, all of which I think you can tell by looking at my work, and being one of the organisers of The True Believers Comic festival means I’ve got to meet quite a few of them. My big favourites are digital Artist Matt Dixon, 2000AD artist Dylan Teague, children’s illustrator Jonny Duddle, Jake Parker, Ian McQue and the artistic powerhouse that is Lorenzo Etherington, who has been awesome enough to give me great feedback on my work.

What comics have you enjoyed and are you enjoying now?

Believe it or not, I’m not reading a lot of comics at the moment, but I was big into them in my 20s and early 30s, where it was mainly Spawn and The Amazing Spider-Man (I have a complete 15-year run). Unfortunately, money and lack of space mean I had to stop collecting.

What is your process when you tackle a page?

Well, I’m new to this so I approach a page as I would as a Graphic designer and try to nail the layout of the whole page first. I did the whole story in pencils first, sending each page to the writer and publisher for feedback before starting on the painting stage. Then it’s refine, refine refine, often going over the same page several times till I’m happy.

What have you learnt from working on your first comic?

How important the speech bubble layout is! After about page 4 I realised that the best way was to get the bubbles down early and work the page around them.

What’s next?

Sleep! Well once this is over I’ll be itching to start on a new project so I would like to go straight into another book, perhaps more a children’s picture book than a comic. I’ve always planned to do a story based on my robot character Zoot, so that might be it.

Where can we find your work?

On Facebook I’m @therealzoot, on Twitter I’m @Zootbot, Instagram is @i_am_zoot and I’m also on ArtStation at zoot.artstation.com

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