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Meet The Creator - Israel Huertas

What got you into making comics?

I fell in love with comics when I was five years old with a Conan comic by John Buscema. That opened a big door in my mind and I started drawing everywhere and anywhere. Since then, I’ve discovered that the thing I want to do with my life is to tell stories.

Where did the idea for Megatomic Battle Rabbit’s look come from?

When Stu told me about this project, I had two characters come to mind: Captain Carrot and Bucky O’Hare. So, I was influenced by the look of those two characters whilst hopefully putting a more modern and ‘cool’ look to him.

What is your process for making a comic?

I read the script and draw very little sketches. I love to start the page from the beginning, without layouts or sketches, just letting my head guide my hand on the paper. Maybe it’s the wrong way? But, it seems to work for me.

What other creators inspire you?

Uff, lots of them. Steve Ditko, Richard Pace, Alan Davis, Mike Wieringo, Carlos Pacheco, Marcos Martín, John Romita Jr., Marc Bagley…..

Whats next from you?

Well, to finish MBR overall. I’m always working on new comics. I’m developing a space opera and a kind of mystery series by myself, but I’m always open to new ideas from Stu’s imagination.

Where can we find you online?

I have a gallery in Deviantart and have done a bunch of the Nova 619 fan comics. Also, follow me

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