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With the pre-order page live for our new book ‘Leaf‘ we spoke to the creator Nicole Bates and asked some questions about the book and her process.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your past work?

I’ve always drawn, mum says as soon as I could clasp a crayon I was drawing, I’ve always wanted to do something with it, but it’s taken to being really old to finally realise my dreams! I’ve got one other comic called Anxiety Me! Which is a personal look at anxiety through the eyes of a girl in a boat!

Where did the idea for Leaf come from?

Ooh the idea for Leaf was a bit like Anxiety Me! It just popped into my head, the whole thing start to finish, so I had to get it onto paper, I knew I wanted to do a children’s comic and I thought cute animals was definitely the way forward!

How did the decision to not use words in your book come about?

Not using words in my comic…..well when the idea for Leaf popped into my head it played through my mind like an animation, so it felt natural to try and get snap shots of this on paper without words, I wanted to let the pictures talk, and the readers imagination to give the characters the words, then each story is truly theirs. You don’t need to be able to read to see the story, and this makes my comics accessible to everyone, and that’s so important to me.

The book is painted in watercolours, is this your favourite medium?

Watercolours are by far my favourite, I love how they merge together, you can do anything with watercolour, get the strong jewel like colours and then the emotive blending of colours giving the pictures a unique movement and I love that you don’t really know how it will all work out, it feels natural.

Can you tell us about your process and what it takes to paint your glorious pages?

Oh I’m probably quite chaotic in my approach I hate doing lots of repeats (or any if I can get away with it) of pictures, I think there’s a soul and beauty to getting the image down in one go. I do a pencil sketch first, then the delicate watercolours after, I also use watercolour pencils to give more depth to certain parts, the foxes fur, the swirls in the sky parts. Then I use a black 0.1 fine liner, I use a broken line to outline my work as I think it’s less harsh, the watercolour is so free and loose that I don’t want to hem it in, in ink!

Can your readers look forward to more stories in the future?

Ooooooh yes!!! I’ve found my niche now and already have some ideas going round my head, I’m thinking octopuses next!

Where can your readers find your online?

You can find me on Facebook at nikkidraws
Twitter @nikki_draws
And my website www.nikkidraws.pictures

If you feel there is anything we missed and would like to ask Nicole. Please leave a comment on this page and we will try get an answer for you, or reach out to Nicole directly via the social medias mentioned above.



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Follow the adventure of a leaf and a fox! All the little fox wants is someone to play with, and the leaf is his new friend. However, the wind has other ideas, sweeping the leaf and our fox on a journey. Will he find a friend to play with?

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