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We ask creator Rob Barnes a few questions. Rob is the creator behind our new comic series ‘Gallant & Amos’ Issue 1 of which can be found in our store here.

What got you into making comics?

I’ve been drawing since 10 or eleven and making comics and comic strips since my early teens. Some starred my brothers and sister as superheroes. I drew most of my stories in a notebook.

Where did Gallant & Amos come from?

I wanted to draw a knight and dragon, then I thought ‘what if this happened’  or ‘what would they do…’ and just started making characters and putting them in crazy situations. Originally it was a comic strip. I made a few and decided that format was a little restrictive for what the stories needed.

What is your process for making a comic?

I am a little bit traditional and a little bit of digital. I begin by making thumbnail breakdowns in a sketchbook. Then I draw the rough layout with blue pencil, finishing with a regular lead pencil. Scan the finished inks. Colour and letter on the computer.

What other creators inspire you?

John Byrne for how his world looked solid and believable, Jack Kirby for the over the top dynamic layout and Bill Watterson for pure fun in art. There are many more influenced and taught me.

Whats next from Rob Barnes?

I made a comic panel that ran in the local newspaper, three days a week, for over a couple years and made a few strips online. I’m thinking of fleshing out some of the stories into comic book form. I have a detective character that I am building a world set in the 1940’s. But I still have more stories for Gallant and Amos.

Where can we find you online?

Buy Gallant and Amos today


Gallant & Amos – Collected Adventures 1

£ 5.00£ 10.00

In this 116 page collected book, meet Gallant and Amos, two friends travelling across a medieval world and stumbling into incredible adventures! Oh, and did we mention, one is a knight and the other a dragon? In this collected volume of their first year of published adventures, the duo faces off against a sentient snowman, then find themselves recruited by Manda, one of the King’s cartographers. Embarking on a quest to vanquish the great evil on the Isle of Bor, our heroes must overcome testing traps, mighty monsters, and Amos’ insatiable appetite!




Gallant & Amos – Issue 1

£ 0.00£ 2.00

Gallant and Amos’ is a comic about two folks travelling around a medieval world and stumbling into crazy adventures and events. Oh! And did we mention one is a KNIGHT and the other a DRAGON?


Gallant & Amos – The Secret Ingredient

£ 1.50£ 2.50

Gallant & Amos return in their latest adventure where a science experiment goes horribly wrong.


Gallant and Amos – Issue 2

£ 1.00£ 2.00

The Quest Part 1: After sampling the finest fast food at Mac Dermals, Gallant and Amos are recruited by a mysterious stranger. How will our Knight and Dragon duo fare as they embark on a quest to vanquish an evil threatening the Realm?


Gallant and Amos – Issue 3

£ 1.00£ 2.00

The Quest Part 2: The action is heating up as Gallant and Amos cross The Great Desert.


Gallant and Amos – Issue 4

£ 1.00£ 2.00

In this epic conclusion to ‘The Quest’, our heroes must best gloomies, traps and even a sea monster before they confront the Evil on the Island of Bor! Will Manda’s faith in the Book of Light be enough?


Gallant and Amos – Issue 5

£ 1.00£ 2.00

In “Steamed”, our knight and dragon duo come face to face with steam-powered monsters!

Just where are they coming from?


Gallant And Amos (Bundle)

£ 18.00 £ 14.40

Catch up with every released issue of Gallant and Amos with this awesome Viking bundle.

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