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Meet The Creator - Stu Perrins

What got you into making comics?

Like most people my age, I grew up reading The Beano and The Dandy and when I
was about nine I added 2000 AD and Oink! to my comic reading library and it was my reading and loving of those four comics that inspired me to think ‘I might have a go at this!’. So I did….
The first comic I created was when I was nine years old. It was called ‘Cyborg Squad’ and was the sort of Transformers rip off that only a nine year old could create. I used to write and draw it myself and then get my Mum to photocopy it at work and I’d hand it out to the local kids, and oddly they seemed to like it. A remember one of the Mum’s telling my Mum ‘that comic your Stuart made is pretty good.’ Achievement unlocked.

Where did the idea for Megatomic Battle Rabbit come from?

My wife and I have got two young kids, two boys. My wife is a nurse and whenever
she’s on a night shift our boys seem to think that’s the perfect time to ask me
questions like ‘Who’d win in a fight between Darth Vader and Wolverine?’ and ‘Which Dr Who is best?’ until four in the morning – standard parenting stuff really. And the night I came up with Megatomic Battle Rabbit was one of those nights. To stop me from losing my mind I started coming up with silly comic character names like ‘Aqua Ninja Hamster’ and ‘Pre-Teen Action Cat’ and stuff like that, and when I got up in the morning after a refreshing two hours sleep ‘Megatomic Battle Rabbit’ was the only one that stuck in my head and ‘whoosh’ he was born. I just had to do something with it. I knew how he spoke and carried himself. It was very exciting.

What is your process for making a comic?

In a strange way, I feel I’m always working on comics; its never just when I’m at my laptop or when I’m scribbling in a note pad. So, whenever I get an idea, I jot it down and leave it for a bit and by the time I come back to the idea it’s developed and I jot down some more and on it goes until I’m ready to turn these scribbles into a story.

What other creators inspire you?

There’s so many people who inspire me- Mark Millar, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison. But my biggest inspiration and a total hero of mine is Terry Gilliam. I love how he seems to create his stories from the ground up. When a Gilliam film starts you’re never confused by what type of world the story is set in and that’s something I hope people get from my stuff.

Whats next from you?

So many projects on the go at the moment, in various stages of completion, including a creepy retelling of Alice in Wonderland that I’m super excited about.

Where can we find you online?

Stu Perrins is 1 half of the creative duo behind our comic ‘Megatomic Battle Rabbit’ we asked him a few questions, so you could get to know him.

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Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 1

£ 1.00£ 2.00

When a mysterious blue light illuminates the skies of a small English town, science fiction fan DEXTER and reluctant best pal HENRY embark on a torch-lit adventure in the search of little green men. However, as they soon discover, not all alien life is as cute and gentle that ET would have you believe. Don’t believe us? Then meet the larger-than-life MEGATOMIC BATTLE RABBIT today in the first issue of our out-of-this-world four-part series.


Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 2

£ 1.00£ 2.00

With rumours of alien invasion circulating the neighbourhood, it is up to DEXTER DRAPER to keep the arrival of MEGATOMIC BATTLE RABBIT a secret safe from UFO bloggers and government agents. Will a loosely fit disguise be enough to keep his unlikely new friend hidden from prying eyes? And what is it exactly that galactic giants eat for breakfast?!


Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 3

£ 1.00£ 2.00

What is it that SUPERMAN, ET and MEGATOMIC BATTLE RABBIT all have in common? Other than that they’re from space? Well, DEXTER DRAPER AND HENRY GARFIELD have seen enough movies and read enough comic books to know that there’s a chance their new friend is gifted with, wait for it… SUPER POWERS! Join your favourite trio as they experiment with impossible odds that only an all-powerful rabbit can even.


Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 4

£ 3.00 £ 2.00

Facing a ticking clock, MEGATOMIC BATTLE RABBIT’s life is on the line when captured by militant government agents with a grudge against anything alien. Will DEXTER and HENRY be able to pull through for their furry friend and save the day? Find out in this epic conclusion to our beloved four-part series.


Megatomic Battle Rabbit (4 Issue Pack)

£ 10.00 £ 6.00

Get all 4 issues in this 4 part mini-series today for only £10.00

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