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My name is Ellie Egleton, a long-term comic book reader, writer and teacher of little ones! I am very excited to have been hired as Fair Spark Books’ shiny new editor.


I am lucky to have grown up with comic books as my bedtime stories. The first title my Dad ever read to me was Batman #500 when Azrael was wearing the cape and cowl. Since then I have dived deep into both the Marvel and DC Universes. If you were to ask me for the first appearance of Howard the Duck, I can tell you that it’s Fear #19.

At secondary school, I launched a fanzine called FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW, with my little sister and friends. The magazine became an excellent opportunity to speak with creators from the comic book industry and we found not only an endless supply of inspiration but good friends. At London Super Comic Convention 2012, we were able to interview Stan ‘the man’ Lee for our magazine and today that is one of my most cherished memories.

When I reached University, I created the all-ages graphic novel POWER PUNCH BOOT CAMP with art by ALEJANDRO ROSADO whose contribution to Lion Forge’s Puerto Rico Strong Anthology has since been nominated for an Eisner Award. In 2018, we launched a successful Kickstarter to see our work in print and now our graphic novel is readily available. I look forward to tabling with POWER PUNCH BOOT CAMP at Small Press Day this year at Orbital Comics.

With my new role as editor, I not only contribute to the blog but I have worked on MEGATOMIC BATTLE RABBIT #4, LITTLE TOE IN THE QUEST FOR WARMTH and a top secret Fair Spark Books’ project which is soon to be announced. I take great joy in reading these fantastic independent comics and books as it is truly a pleasure to work with such talented creators.


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. If you have an all-ages project which you would like to see published, send me an email at ellie@fairsparkbooks.co.uk . I am excited to say that we are currently seeking new submissions! Please take the time to read through our basic submission guidelines:


For family-friendly comics and graphic novels, we are currently looking for submissions with a complete creative team attached. Although we do not pay page rates or creative fees, we will do our part to publish your work in the best format possible and distribute to as many retailers as we can. For this, Fair Spark Books takes a small fee from the titles we publish and the rest goes to that comic book’s creative team for profits to be divided in any way they choose.


For family-friendly books, please send us your manuscript as a Word File or PDF.


All comic books, graphic novels and/or book submissions must be accompanied by a proposal containing:


1. Your contact information (name, e-mail address and telephone number).


2. The target age for your work.


3. A maximum one page synopsis of the story. If for a comic book series, this synopsis should summarise the events of each issue.


4. Any illustrations. If for a comic book, we would like to see 5 pages fully inked and lettered.


5. If you have been previously published, please list your titles, publishers and publication dates.


6. Anything else that you would like to tell us. We fully appreciate how special your creative work is and we are truly interested in what you have to say! So here is your opportunity to tell us anything, from your secret origin story to the inspiration behind your work.


In regard to our response time, we do our best to respond to all submissions but we do receive a lot.


Follow me on Twitter: @EEgleton

Email me at ellie@fairsparkbooks.co.uk

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