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Written by Matthew A. Cherry/Illustrated by Vashti Harrison/Published by Penguin.

Since the cinematic release of Angry Birds 2, every time I have logged onto Twitter I have found praise for Hair Love. Attracted by the beautiful story behind the sleek animation, I immediately ordered my copy of the book.


Described as “a celebration of daddies and daughters everywhere”, the story begins with a showcase of hairstyles that Zuri has worn with powerful descriptions about how they make her feel: beautiful; proud; funky and magical. As Zuri then wakes for a very special day, she finds her Father taking a well-deserved rest and so she ventures to the bathroom to style her hair. Hearing the crashing of an iPad, Daddy quickly joins her and does his best to help, even suggesting a hat to wear. However, unable to pull-the-wool over his daughter’s eyes, the duo persist with their combing, parting, oiling and twisting until Zuri feels like the superhero that she is on the inside. The book’s ending is too gorgeous to spoil but cements the strong sense of family which can be felt with the turn of every page.

Hair Love is an absolute essential for every bookcase, library shelf and classroom. I am fortunate to teach in an outer-London school which celebrates the diversity of our pupils, many of whom will look to Zuri and say, “she looks like me!”



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