Ella Upgraded – Volume 1 : Rebooted

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When 11-year-old Ella is in an accident her scientist brother saves her life by putting her beloved GameBox console in Ella’s brain! Now Ella can gain the skills and abilities of her favourite video game characters…but does she have what it takes to become a real superhero?



When we first meet Ella and her brother Josh, she’s been reluctantly dragged along to his meeting with the science faculty at his college where he’s presenting his theory on bioelectronic synthesis. Ella couldn’t be less interested – she’s obsessed with her GameBox, an old retro games console that their father left her.

In fact, she’s so obsessed with it that when she wanders off for a snack she doesn’t look where she’s going and is in a terrible accident.

Josh is able to save her life using his research, but has to implant the remains of the broken GameBox in her brain so he can upload data using the game cartridges to rebuild her nervous system. Of course, as soon as Ella hears this she…well, see for yourself.

Yep, Ella has been upgraded! She’s now able to absorb the skills and abilities from any game cartridge that she plugs into her brain. While Josh frantically tries to work out how this happened, Ella sets out to become her town’s first real superhero – but finds that fighting crime in real life isn’t as easy as it looks.

Who is the creative team?

Dan Whitehead (Writer) – Twitter  | Website

Dan has been writing professionally since 1991, and has worked in film, television, video games and comics on brands such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Rugrats and Looney Tunes.

P.R. Dedelis (Artist) – Twitter Website

P.R. Dedelis is an artist from Poland who’s been drawing since reading his first Donald Duck comic book at the age of 5. Since then he hasn’t stopped and has been drawing professionally for nearly a decade, working on titles like 5 Seconds, Word Smith (Sigmate Studio), Team Synergy (HBComics) and This Land (Aroha Comics).

Abby Bulmer (Colours) – Twitter Website

As well as her own brilliant all-ages comic series Imaginary Gumbo, Abby is a regular artist and colourist for 2000AD and related titles.

Jim Campbell (Letters) – Twitter Facebook

Eisner-nominated letterer Jim has worked on high profile award-winning books from BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, Image, Titan Comics and more.

Praise for Ella Upgraded

“Fresh and modern…top rate.” – Lew Stringer (Artist, The Beano)

“Loads of fun. Really bouncy, and engaging art. Great stuff.” – John Reppion (Writer, A Conspiracy of Ravens)

“Pacy, frenetic and exciting writing with fantastic action-packed art, this is a truly polished and professional piece of work that definitely deserves a wider audience.” – Read It Daddy

“Strong script, clear storytelling and bright art, lush colours, great design. What more could you want?” – Matthew Craig (Writer/Artist, Trixie Biker)

“Feisty and likable, you can’t help but want to read more” – Comic Book Yeti

“An excellent book that provides something for readers both older and younger” – Driving Creators

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