Gallant And Amos (Bundle)

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Catch up with every released issue of Gallant and Amos with this awesome Viking bundle.


Issue 1

The Valley Of The Snowmen

On a walk through a valley in the Northern Kingdom, Gallant And Amos find themselves in a sort of bother with a huge endless army of Snowmen.

Follow The Leader

It seems our dynamic duo are unable to escape danger as they are unexpectedly abducted by Aliens, How will they get out this situation.

Would you like to meet our creator? Head over to our Meet The Creator series where we ask Rob Barnes some questions. Head to here.

Issue 2

The Quest Part 1

After sampling the finest fast food at Mac Dermals, Gallant and Amos are recruited by a mysterious stranger. How will our Knight and Dragon duo fare as they embark on a quest to vanquish an evil threatening the Realm?

Issue 3

The Quest Part 2

Gallant, Amos and Manda’s quest to vanquish the evil of the Island of Bor finds them crossing The Great Desert. It’s not long before our heroes upset the Great Thurr, who becomes intent on revenge! And that’s before they start their perilous voyage across The Great Desert Sea…

Issue 4

Pre-order for release on November 14th 2019. The Quest Part 3, 

In this epic conclusion to ‘The Quest’ arc, our heroes must best gloomies, traps and even a sea monster before they confront the Evil on the Isle of Bor! Will Manda’s faith in the Book of Light be enough?

Issue 5

In “Steamed”, our knight and dragon duo come face to face with steam-powered monsters!

Just where are they coming from?

Issue 6

In “The Secret Ingredient”, Gallant & Amos return in a new adventure where a science experiment goes horribly wrong.

As always a free digital copy of each issue is available upon purchase.


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