Power Punch Boot Camp

£ 9.99


The Bonester, a tiny yet terrible wannabe Buster, sneaks into the small camp so he can achieve his big dreams. With a summer goal of world domination, the Bonester is angry when the Camp Master places him with the Supers alongside the heroic Skylark, the timid Fish Boy Frank and the hopeless romantic Rock King. When unlikely friendships are formed, the Bonester’s dreams are left hanging in the balance. Just how far will he go to succeed in world domination? Find out in our all-ages graphic novel campers!

Todd Dezago, writer of Spider-Man, Tellos and the Perhapanauts says: “If you love comics — and who doesn’t?! — You will not find a better celebration of all the joy and fun and excitement that comics can offer than in POWER PUNCH BOOT CAMP! What Ellie and Alejandro have accomplished here is simply the perfect introduction to a wonderful, colorful world that will ensorcel comics fans of any age! Just take a look inside…and you’re IN~!”

Written By: Ellie Egleton
Art By: Alejandro Rosado


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