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Announcing the new all-ages book series from Fair Spark Books, Snuffy and Zoey!

You may think that Snuffy and Zoey are just your normal pair of rambunctious, sibling bear cubs living in a forest, but when they’re bored they jump into their trusty Toybox and are transported into a World of Imagination where anything is possible!

With each book, you’ll find yourself right alongside Snuffy and Zoey on their Toybox Adventures!

Anything is possible in the World of Imagination, from stealing a dragon’s cupcakes to chasing pirates…

Get to know the cubs below and preorder the latest book!

Coming 2019

Snuffy & Zoey Toybox Adventures

Book 1 – The Dragon and the Cupcake
Pages: 40
Size: 210mm x 297mm
Price: £7.99
Release Date: February 2019

In this first adventure, Snuffy and Zoey come face-to-face with a cupcake-loving dragon.

Including 10 Pages of Activites

Meet The Characters

Snuffy Face Profile

Name: Snuffy
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Fruit Pies
Favourite Toy: Rubber Ducky

Zoey Face Profile

Name: Zoey
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Food: Bananas
Favourite Toy: Trains

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Snuffy and Zoey Book 1 Page 1
Snuffy and Zoey Book 1 Page 2
Snuffy and Zoey Book 1 Page 3

Meet The Creator

John Celestri Profile Picture

Name: John Celestri
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Chocolate Cake
Favourite Toy: Pencil and Paper.

You can find out more about John with our in-depth creator interview here

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