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We’re super exited that the creator of our series Megatomic Battle Rabbit, Stu Perrins, will be at Forbidden Planet in Wolverhampton on July 13th 2019 for this year’s Small Press Day.

Stop by, have a chat, and learn all about Megatomic Battle Rabbit and the many other titles written by Stu.

Be sure to add this date to your calendar and show a local comic shop your support this Small Press Day!

We asked Stu what Small Press Day means to him. Here’s what he thought:

Small press day is the one day of the year that the ‘Big 2’ sit in the shadows.
A day where the likes of Batman, Spiderman and Thor take a step back and let indie comic creators and fanzine editors the country over into the spotlight. A day where comic fans can discover some amazing, exciting and, let’s not forget, entertaining books, that will hopefully introduce them to worlds they never knew existed. Not that I have any dislike of the big publishers, of course. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m a regular reader of the titles mentioned above, but sometimes it’s nice to let the underdogs get a look in. – Stu

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Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 1

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Issue 1 – As Megatomic Battle Rabbit explores the green and blue mud ball planet his ship has helpfully stranded him on, two primitive human creatures, science fiction fan Dexter and his friend Henry, investigate a mysterious blue light that fell from the sky

Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 2

£ 1.50£ 3.00

Issue 2 – Dexter Draper wakes up to find he definitely wasn’t dreaming when he met a giant rabbit from space! But what does a Megatomic Battle Rabbit eat for breakfast? And with government agents hot on the alien’s trail, what makes a good disguise?


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Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Issue 3

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Megatomic Battle Rabbit – Subscription

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