Submit Your idea to us!


Please email all submissions to contact@fairsparkbooks.co.uk with subject line ‘Submission’


We are looking for a wide range of all-ages comics and books like our current titles; Hopper! Detective of the strange & Ella Upgraded to name a few. For more examples, check out our shop/catalogue


We are a publisher on the rise with a growing stable of great books by outstanding creators. As a participating creator, you will also be providing help to our charity Little Heroes Comics. With every sale of a book a portion of the profit is donated to this charity and helps to put comic making kits in the hands of children in hospital.


We’d love you to submit that comics project to us as soon as you have a fleshed-out idea. (Not just a rushed off one paragraph idea.) Ideally we want your first script draft ready to read and some concept art completed so we can see your vision for the whole book.

Please make sure you look over the guidelines below.

The Guidelines

  1. Remember that we work with a charity that makes comics for kids. A charity!
  2. Fair Spark Books is not somewhere to send that idea you had in the bottom draw. We will be able to tell.
  3. Kids comics are not as easy to write as you think!
  4. Submissions for The Spark Magazine should be either one (1) page stories or five (5) pagers. No long-form content at this time.
  5. The publisher owns the right to reject art and stories not suitable, narratively wrong or just plain pants.
  6. Spelling! Spelling! Spelling! (Please learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.
  7. You will be working alongside an Editor. He or She will assist in crafting the story. But ultimately you are responsible for your workloads. We really don’t need big delays or rushed art. Communication is key.
  8. Currently, all of our books are in colour. Your artwork should be in colour or suitable for it to be added.
  9. Make your stories action-packed. There’s nothing more boring to children than two adults talking!
  10. Neither pander nor patronise a kid – they will spot that a mile off!
  11. Make the language punchy and don’t write speeches that go on and on and on and on.
  12. Don’t be an angry Elf.